Klüber Fluoropan 340 NP A/BKOMP. A


Klüber Fluoropan 340 NP A/BKOMP. A Is a thermosetting, black-colored.

Klüber Fluoropan 340 NP A/BKOMP. A is a Two-component, thermosetting bonded coating for long component life.

Benefits for your application


– High reliability and long service life of components
– lifetime lubrication due to excellent abrasion resistance
– highly resistant when subjected to medium loads and corrosive media
– excellent wear protection under tribological stress
– for dry running or in combination with greases and oils
– Clean and dry surface with lubricating effect
– no contamination by fluid lubricant
– no sticking of lubricated components during automated assembly
– lubricant firmly incorporated in the friction point



FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is a thermosetting, black-colored high-performance bonded coating made up of two component parts. It has an organic binder containing PTFE as the solid lubricant.

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is supplied in liquid form and contains an inflammable solvent mixture (former hazard class A II ).
Once applied and hardened, the bonded coating ensures high wear resistance, long service life, wide service temperature
range, low friction coefficients, stick-slip free sliding at low speeds and good corrosion protection.



FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B reduces friction and wear on metal/ metal and metal/plastic material pairings.

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B has proven successful for applications subject to high temperatures, critical ambient conditions (dust or dirt), oscillating movements, while providing good protection of the base material against corrosion.

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is used for components in the automotive industry, electrical and precision engineering or textile machines, e.g. sliding rails, bolts, bushes and similar parts where contamination by oil or grease is undesirable.

FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B is particularly suitable for the dry lubrication under high mechanical load in combination with high
service life requirements, e.g. in magnet armatures.


Application notes


FLUOROPAN 340 NP A/B consists of component A (art. No. 099201) and componente B (art. No. 099200). Stir both components well prior to use.
Mix component A and component B at a ratio of 95:5.
Example: 950 g of component A with 50 g of component B. Ensure perfect homogenization of the mixture by stirring. If the volume of the mixture is more than 1 liter we recommend using an electric stirrer. In this case, make sure the temperature of the bonded coating does not significantly exceed 30 °C. After mixing, pass the mixture through a polyethylene filter with approx. 150 µm pore size.

The mixing container should always be covered with a lid.

The mixture of components A and B can be processed for approx. 24 h provided the ambient temperature is not much above 25 °C (pot life).

Any tubes in contact with the mixture must be made ofpolyethylene or PTFE.

The bonded coating is applied by spraying or brush. Uniform layer thicknesses are best achieved by spraying.

Information on other application methods are available on request.

The surfaces to be coated should be cleaned and degreased and be completely free from oil, grease, water, corrosion and scale.

Roughening of the surface by sand blasting or phosphatizing is recommended to increase adhesion. When applied under bonded coatings, phosphate layers help to increase corrosion protection.

When applying FLUOROPAN 340 N A/B by spraying, use a spray gun.


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