Klüber Duotempi PMY 45


Klüber Duotempi PMY 45 is a Light-coloured high-pressure lubricating paste.

Benefits for your application


– Easy assembly and disassembly of frictional connections subject to medium surface pressure and temperature
– Ensures reliable screw connection by provision of an adequate preload force during assembly
– Prevents fretting corrosion enabling increased component lifetime




DUOTEMPI PMY 45 is a light-coloured high-pressure lubricating paste for frictional connections subject to medium temperatures in predominantly dry environments. DUOTEMPI PMY 45 is based on mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon oils plus solid lubricants and special lithium soap. DUOTEMPI PMY 45 ensures easy assembly and disassembly of interference fits and clamping connections subject to medium loads while preventing fretting corrosion (tribo-corrosion).




As a lubricating paste:

For low-speed (plain) bearings, guides, joints, bushes, eccentric units, seals, bolts, and hinges in all fields of plant and machine engineering. For automotive components such as gear shift gates, ball joints, seat rails, steering-knuckle pins or profile gears.


As an assembly paste:


For interference, transition, and loose fits.


As a screw paste:

For austenitic materials (A2-70) and the assembly of screws and bolts under normal temperature conditions.


Application notes


Before applying DUOTEMPI PMY 45 it is important to clean and degrease all contact surfaces and to apply the paste in a thin layer using a brush, plastic sponge or a dry, lint-free cloth.

DUOTEMPI PMY 45 is compatible with many sealing materials and elastomers; however, we recommend undertaking a materials compatibility test with the lubricant used prior to series application.

The friction values indicated on page 2 in the Section Product Data were determined with two different materials. Other materials/surfaces have to be checked accordingly.


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