Klüber Duofix FA 11


Klüber Duofix FA 11 Is a water-based graphite suspension with high lubricating capacity for hot-forming processes, e.g. steel forging.

Benefits for your application


– Water-based product, dilutable to meet customer-specific process requirements
– Non-flammable product, increasing process reliability as well as workplace and environmental safety
– High content of active component reduces consumption
– Low tendency to form residues helps to improve mould filling and dimensional accuracy
– Product can be applied by conventional methods including spraying




DUOFIX FA 11 is a water-based graphite suspension which offers good lubricating and die release capacity. This is of particular advantage in case of high surface pressures.

As the water evaporates, the viscosity and adhesion of DUOFIX FA 11 increases.
The type of graphite contained in DUOFIX FA 11 allows the product to be removed from the die without leaving much or any residues, thus ensuring good mould filling and dimensional accuracy.

DUOFIX FA 11 is easily sprayable despite its high active agent content.



DUOFIX FA 11 can be used for many hot-forming processes for aluminium, aluminium alloys and steel. It is particularly suitable for forging. Depending on the process requirements, DUOFIX FA 11 may be applied to the die neat or diluted.


Application notes


The product can be applied after thorough stirring using conventional application methods, for example sponge, brush, roller or spray nozzle, and be spread evenly either manually or automatically.

DUOFIX FA 11 can also be sprayed onto the hot surfaces using a spray gun (nozzle diameter 0.8 mm, compressed air approx. 2 bar, distance approx 10 – 20 cm).


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