Klüber Contrakor FLUID H 1 Spray


Klüber Contrakor FLUID H 1 Spray is a long-term corrosion preventive, effective rust remover, thin-bodied, versatile lubricant


Benefits for your application


– Anticorrosion agent with long-term effect
– Dissolves rust and oxide layers
– Excellent lubricity, improved sliding
– Good penetration and distribution in narrow lubrication gaps
– Repels moisture
– Protects metal surfaces, also electric contacts
– Spray free of solvent




CONTRAKOR FLUID H 1 is a thin-bodied, versatile lubricant based on mineral oil.
This long-term anti-corrosion agent offers excellent lubricity, improves sliding and has good penetrating properties, which makes it highly effective for use as a rust remover.
It is particularly useful in workshops, where a wide variety of lubricating jobs require quick and uncomplicated handling.
CONTRAKOR FLUID H 1 has a good cleaning effect and reliably dissolves dirt, oil residues, scale, etc.
It may be variably used for protection against moisture, as a contact oil in electric contacts or as a machining fluid.




Corrosion preventive


for all metallic surfaces, especially on machines, devices, tools, moulds, wire ropes, vehicles, battery terminals. Especially suitable for the long-term preservation of spare parts stored indoors


Rust remover


for all parts affected/immobilised by rust, e.g. screw joints, pins, hinges, slides. The fluid spreads well and thoroughly penetrates the affected surfaces. A light rust film will be dis-solved quickly, severe rust takes somewhat longer.




For chains, bearings, springs, sliding points, wire ropes, antennas and joints. A thin fluid film is sufficient to ensure reliable reduction of friction and wear.


Dehydrating oil, moisture repellent


for antenna boxes, ignition timers and ignition cables; in general for machines and devices that are frequently operated under open-air conditions. The fluid penetrates beneath moisture and repels water.


Contact oil


for clamped and screwed electric contacts and couplings. Ensures reliable passage of current and repels water.


Machining fluid


to provide cooling in machining pro-cesses without a coolant circuit. Helps to preserve tools and work-pieces and leads to better results.


Cleaning and care fluid


for penetration and dissolution of dirt, oil residues, scale, etc. Protects bright metal surfaces and preserves the appearance of decorative parts.


Application notes


CONTRAKOR FLUID H 1 can be applied to clean, bright surfaces by means of immersion, spraying or brush. Immersion is primarily suitable for small parts, and spraying for larger ones.



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