Klüber Constant GL 2000

Klüber Constant GL 2000 Is a impregnating fluid for sintered metal plain bearings.

Benefits for your application


– Low noise and smooth running
– Longer bearing life due to good oxidation resistance
– Energy savings and improved efficiency due to low frictional torque
– Improved ageing stability owing to less internally generated heat at high speeds
– Lifetime lubrication with high reliability; maintenance-free solution




CONSTANT GL 2000 is an impregnating fluid based on mineral oil for the low-noise lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings subject to high and low temperatures, speeds (e.g. <0.3 m/s, >5 m/s) and loads (e.g. <0.15 N/mm², >3 N/mm²). Due to the special product formulation and additives it covers a wide range of applications. Its soap content provides low-noise properties and good wear protection. CONSTANT GL 2000 can also be used for the lifetime lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings, also at stop and go.



CONSTANT GL 2000 is intended for use in sintered metal plain bearings in precision, automotive and electrical engineering as well as household applicances.

Application notes


CONSTANT GL 2000 is applied in a vacuum immersion process to fill the pores of sintered metal plain bearings. We recommend to stir the immersion bath prior to immersion. Avoid filtering though very fine mesh size. To extend the service life of the bearings, an additional ready-to-use lubricant, MIKROZELLA G8 OY K can be applied around the bearing as a plastic oil reservoir by means of conventional fully automatic metering systems. We recommend checking application by the metering system under practical conditions prior to series application.


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