Klüber Barrierta I S-402


Klüber Barrierta I S-402 Is a high-temperature lubricating grease.
High-temperature greases with good long-term characteristics.


Benefits for your application


– Long-term availability and service life of components
– over a wide service temperature range up to 260°C
– when exposed to aggressive chemical agents and vapours
– when using sensitive plastic materials
– Tried and tested over many years in numerous industries and component types
– due to BARRIERTA base oils, which are made specifically to enable long-term stability
– backed by a large number of approvals and references
– due to availability in 4 different viscosity grades to suit various applications



BARRIERTA is Europe’s oldest high-quality brand of high temperature lubricants based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE). BARRIERTA products are among the most widely used PFPE lubricants today. High-temperature greases of the BARRIERTA I series are made using particularly fine PTFE thickeners and have an oil content that is unusually high for this type of grease. To suit various application purposes, BARRIERTA I greases are available in four different viscosities.




Rolling and plain bearings operating at elevated temperature


BARRIERTA I greases attain long service lives when used in rolling and plain bearings operating under high thermal stress. The fine thickener and the high oil content enable smooth running of bearings also at high speeds and ensure a long life of the lubricated components.


Typical fields of application are in


– film stretchers
– textile stenter frames
– precision engineering
– clean-room engineering (e.g. microchip manufacture)


The low vapour pressures of BARRIERTA I greases make them also recommendable for use in fine to ultra-high vacuum.


Electrical contacts


BARRIERTA I EL-102 and BARRIERTA I MI-202 have proven successful for the long-term lubrication of electrical contacts in high and medium-voltage switchboards. Component tests have shown that plug and unplug forces are consistent without unduly influencing transition resistance. There are no known decomposition products that would have an insulating effect on the contacts.


Behaviour towards plastics and elastomers


BARRIERTA I greases of all viscosity grades are widely neutral towards elastomers and plastics (possible exception: highly fluorinated rubber). Nevertheless, compatibility with the materials should be tested, especially prior to series application.

Application notes


For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction points with white spirit 180/210 and then Klüberalfa XZ  3-1. For initial lubrication, the friction point must be clean and bright and free from particles. To ensure maximum service life, please contact our technical sales staff.


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