Klüber Asonic GLY 32


Klüber Asonic GLY 32 Is a synthetic low-noise lubricating grease.

Klüber Asonic GLY 32 is a Low-temperature lubricating grease for high-speed, low-noise rolling bearings.


Benefits for your application


– Low-temperature rolling bearing grease
– Synthetic lubricant
– Low noise
– High purity
– Low frictional torque



ASONIC GLY 32 is a synthetic low-noise lubricating grease manufactured in a clean environment.
The product components used and the grease’s low base-oil viscosity yield a very high speed factor and a low frictional torque, as can be seen from the results of measurements made on the low-temperature test rig.




ASONIC GLY 32 is used, for example, for the long-term or lifetime lubrication of rolling bearings in electric motors in applications where a low starting-up torque at low temperatures is required.
As examples of the multitude of highly specialised applications of ASONIC GLY 32, the following may be mentioned:


– miniature and small bearings in fans, motors and pumps contained in precision equipment household appliances and automobile air conditioners
– integrated bearing units in audio and video equipment, computer peripherals and office equipment

Application notes


The lubricant is applied by means of a spatula, brush, grease gun or grease cartridge. For use in automatic lubricating systems, the pumpability of the lubricant should be checked.


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