Klüber Altemp Q NB 50 Spray


Klüber Altemp Q NB 50 Spray Is a Lubricating and assembly paste containing a mineral base oil.


Benefits for your application


– Low lubricant costs for initial and relubrication due to long service life of water- and media-resistant product
– Good wear and corrosion protection helps reduce assembly forces and screw torques and prevents tribo- and fretting corrosion
– High pressure absorption capacity enables constant clamping forces and consequently ensures properly fixed tools or workpieces in machine tool chucks



ALTEMP Q NB 50 is a white/beige lubricating paste containing a mineral base oil, a barium complex soap and inorganic solid lubricants.
Besides its application as a universal assembly paste, this product offers benefits especially in friction points with small to minimum motion under high static and dynamic loads.




ALTEMP Q NB 50 can be used for the assembly of frictional connections, e.g. annular springs or split taper sleeves, and positive connections, e.g. bearing seats, profiled guides, etc. The product has proven particularly successful in the lubrication of clamping chucks. High precision and constant clamping forces are essential requirements in chucks. Any decrease of the clamping force may cause tools or workpieces to become loose.

ALTEMP Q NB 50 improves the sliding behavior of moving chuck components, enables constant clamping forces and may therefore be used in all types of chucks, such as scroll, cam and spiral chucks. It prevents stick-slip and protects against tribo- and fretting corrosion in frictional or positive connections.

Furthermore, ALTEMP Q NB 50 is resistant to water and media, e.g. against cooling lubricants.


Application notes


Clean and degrease the surfaces thoroughly. Then apply the paste in a thin, coherent layer by means of a brush or cloth that does not fray (do not rub in). ALTEMP Q NB 50-Spray can be used to facilitate application.


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