Fuchs Titan Sintopoid FE 75W-85


Fuchs Titan Sintopoid FE 75W-85 Is a gear oil with lowered viscosity. Fully-synthetic, fuel-economy passenger car axle fluid offering increased gearbox efficiency in passenger cars due to low viscosity level. Reduces fuel consumption and offers best properties at low temperature. Suitable as fill for life fluid according to manufacturer.



TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 is being produced based on a modern, OEM-proven additive technology with multiple application profiles embedded into a shear-free fully synthetic base oil matrix. Special Friction Modifiers reduce power losses in gears and bearings due to friction, by that increase the gearbox efficiency and in parallel ensure the performance of limited slip differentials. The operating temperature of the oil sump is being reduced significantly during constant operation. TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 has been developed in cooperation with a leading automotive manufacturer and has been tested thoroughly.




TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils. However, mixing with other gear oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits.
A complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85.
For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.




• Offers the benefit of fuel economy to customers.
• Rationalization of product diversity to one FE-MTFproduct with several application opportunities, also for limited slip differentials (LS-Function).
• TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 offers reliable operation under high stress (without shear loss of viscosity) in rear axle gearboxes during the whole oil operation interval (Fill-for-life).
• Prevents reliably from wear, sludge formation, agglomeration and corrosion.
• TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 offers an outstanding viscosity temperature behaviour lying above the performance of many normal service gearbox lubricants, thus ensuring lubrication at very low as well as very high operation temperatures.
• Is thermally highly stable and does not foam even under highest stress.
• TITAN SINTOPOID FE SAE 75W-85 is compatible with many elastomers and other sealant materials.


• API GL-5




• MB-APROVAL 235.7
• ZF TE-ML 18 (ZF000712)


FUCHS Recommendations


• VW TL 521 45-X (G 052 145 A1)
• VW TL 521 90 (G 052 190 A2/G 055 190 A2)


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