Fuchs Titan Gear MP 90


Fuchs Titan Gear MP 90 is a single-range mineral gear oil, multipurpose gear oil for synchronized and non-synchronized manual gearboxes as well as auxiliary drives, axles and differentials in commercial vehicles and passenger cars.




TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 is a mineral Monograde SAE 90 transmission fluid for use in transmissions which demand a GL-4-performance level.




TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 can be used as a rationalisation product whenever a SAE 90 API GL 3 or GL 4 oil is specified. TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils. However, mixing with other gear oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90. For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.




  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 offers a highly adhesive, EP lubricating film even in the most unfavourable condition.
  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 is compatible with many elastomers and other sealing materials.
  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 inhibits corrosion on metals normally found in gearboxes.
  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 offers good oxidation resistance.
  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 offers very good protection against wear.
  • TITAN GEAR MP SAE 90 suppresses foaming even at high speeds.



  • API GL-4


FUCHS Recommendations


  • MAN 341 TYPE E1, Z1
  • MB 235.1
  • ZF TE-ML 02A, 16A, 17A, 19A



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