Fuchs Titan Cytrac Man Synth 75W-80


Fuchs Titan Cytrac Man Synth 75W80 Is a Gear Oil for gear boxes in commercial vehicles. Fuchs Titan Cytrac Man Synth 75W-80 is a Premium Performance Gear Oil for gearboxes in commercial vehicles, specially developed for manual and automatic ZF-gearboxes, formulated with fully-synthetic base oils. Reduces fuel consumption by improving gearbox efficiency. Suitable for the longest oil change intervals and compatible with Carbon-Synchronizers.



TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH SAE 75W-80 is a manual transmission fluid formulated with synthetic base oils and is specially developed for use in ZF manual transmissions. The product has been developed to meet long drain specifications of the automotive industry which have been successfully proven in a 600.000 km field test.




TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH SAE 75W-80 has been developed with ZF according to the specification ZF TE-ML 02L and can therefore be used in the specified aggregates and operating conditions with extended drain intervals (refer to OEM manual). For gearboxes applied to MAN trucks the product is approved according to MAN 341 Z-4 (formerly “SL”). In field, TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH 75W-80 has been successfully proven for the longest oil change intervals and is recommended by FUCHS for drain intervals up to 500.000 km in MAN-applications refer to MAN 341 Z-4. TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH SAE 75W-80 is also recommended for use in applications where truck
manufacturers use ZF-gearboxes. In this case the ZF approval is applicable. TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH
SAE 75W-80 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils. However, mixing with other
gear oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil change is recommended
when converting to TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH SAE 75W-80. For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.




  • Due to an optimal viscosity temperature characteristic TITAN CYTRAC MAN SYNTH ensures perfect
    gearbox lubrication over a wide temperature range, e.g. also at very high or very low outside temperatures.
  • The low viscosity level at operating temperature helps increasing the gearbox efficiency ration, resulting
    in low power losses and best fuel economy possible.
  • Latest additive technology offers high thermal stability and thorough prevention from deposit and sludge
  • Outstanding synchronizing properties ensure easy shift ability even at very low temperatures.
  • Very good bearing and gear protection even under high loads.



  • API GL-4



  • MAN 341 TYPE Z4
  • ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K (ZF001140)

FUCHS Recommendations

  • VOLVO 97307


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