Fuchs Titan 2T 100S

Fuchs Titan 2T 100S Is a two-stroke engine oil with fully synthetic base oils. Fuchs Titan 2T 100S is an Ultra High Performance two-stroke engine oil for Autolube and Premix systems formulated with fully synthetic base oils.




Ultra High Performance 2-Stroke engine oil based on fully synthetic burns residue-free without leaving deposits on
spark plugs, in scavenging ports or in the exhaust system. This ensures full engine performance with low fuel
consumption at all times. TITAN 2T 100S also ensures complete lubrication when loads are greatest, thus
ensuring protection against wear and corrosion. TITAN 2T 100S should always be used when the highest engine
speeds require the best two-stroke oil.



TITAN 2T 100S is used for air and water-cooled twostroke engines in boats, chain saws, lawn mowers,
emergency systems, etc. under any type of load. Simply add the appropriate quantity of TITAN 2T 100S into the
tank before filling, or put it in the separate lubricant tank as usual.
Mixture Amount of TITAN 2T 100S
Ratio *) to add per
5 liters gasoline
1 : 20 250 ml
1 : 25 200 ml
1 : 40 125 ml
1 : 50 100 ml
1:100 50 ml
*) According to manufacturer specification
TITAN 2T 100S is miscible and compatible with conventional branded two stroke engine oils. However, mixing with other two stroke engine oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil
change is recommended when converting to TITAN 2T 100S. For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet.




  • exceeds the highest requirements worldwide for aircooled two-stroke engines according to JASO FD,
    ISO-L-EGD and is thus superior to most two-stroke oils
  • TITAN 2T 100S is self-mixing and forms a homogeneous mixture. This makes the use of mixing devices superfluous. TITAN 2T 100S has also been proven to be effective in “autolube systems” (separate lubrication).
  • With TITAN 2T 100S, irritating exhaust smoke and odor are eliminated. No need to dismantle the exhaust system to clean out deposits.
  • prevents piston rings from sticking. This reduces wear and extends engine service life
  • When catalytic converters are used, long service lives are achieved with TITAN 2T 100S.
  • does not attack elastomers. It can be used without reservation even in engines with diaphragm-type carburetors




  • API TC



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