Fuchs Renolit CX-FO 20


Fuchs Renolit CX-FO 20 is a high quality grease




RENOLIT CX-FO 20 is a calcium complex soap premium quality grease with a wide temperature range suitable for plain and roller bearings. It has excellent oxidation stability, load carrying ability and anticorrosion properties.

RENOLIT CX-FO 20 is completely water resistant, both against boiling water and against weak acid or alkaline solutions. RENOLIT CX-FO 20 provides excellent corrosion protection and has a high mechanical and thermal stability (-30°C to +150°C) and above-average pumpability. It has good sealing properties.




RENOLIT CX-FO 20 is used for lubrication of machines and units under high thermal stress, e.g.

• steel and iron industry, lubrication of support bearings on rotary furnaces
• cement industry, lubrication of conveyor shaft bearings on Lepol kilns
• steel industry, lubrication of roller bearings on blast furnaces, moving grate systems and continuous casting systems
• rubber and plastics industry, lubrication of calanders, hot presses, extruders

RENOLIT CX-FO 20 can be used as so-called multipurpose grease, both for high temperature lubrication and for lubrication where moisture or water are present.




• Excellent load carrying ability
• Water resistant
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Resistant to aging
• EP loadable
• Easily pumpable in central lubricating systems




• voestalpine


Shelf Life


The minimum shelf life is 36 months if the product is properly stored between 0°C and 40°C in its
unopened original container in a dry place. The indication of a minimum shelf life does not include any guarantee of durability.



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