Fuchs Plantohyd 40 N


Fuchs Plantohyd 40 N Is an Environmentally friendly hydraulic and lubricating oils based on natural substances, type HETG, according to ISO 15380, for mobile and stationary hydraulic equipments, awarded with the “European Ecolabel (EEL)”.




PLANTOHYD N products are hydraulic oils based on renewable, natural substances (triglycerides) with
active ingredients for the improvement of oxidation and ageing stability. Due to their very good
biodegradability they are an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral based hydraulic oils (at low and
medium load). The high polarity of the PLANTOHYD N oils results in excellent lubricating properties. The
products fulfill and exceed the minimum requirements according to ISO 15380, type HETG. PLANTOHYD 40
N has been awarded with the “European Ecolabel (EEL)”.




PLANTOHYD 32 N or PLANTOHYD 40 N can be applied in mobile and stationary hydraulic equipments
which must be filled with ISO VG 32 or ISO VG 46 hydraulic oil. In case of an oil change to PLANTOHYD
N in hydraulic aggregates the guidelines for fluid change according to ISO 15380 must be observed.
Repair paints and paints/lacquers which are not based on 2-component systems, are perhaps not stable to
mineral oil as well as natural esters. The PLANTOHYD N products will show their best performance at tank temperatures between 50 and 60 °C. Recommended temperature range for application: – 27 °C till + 70 °C.




The products of the PLANTOHYD N series fulfill or exceed the requirements according to


• ISO 15380: HETG
• European Ecolabel for PLANTOHYD 40 N





• Based on renewable raw materials, > 50%
• Environmentally compatible
• Rapidly biodegradable (> 60% according to OECD 301 B)
• Multigrade characteristics due to high natural, shear stable viscosity index
• Good corrosion protection
• Excellent lubricating properties
• Low evaporation loss
• Natural cleaning properties
• Good low temperature characteristics


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