FUCHS PLANTOFLUX-AT/46-S is a Hydraulic Fluid



PLANTOFLUX-AT-S are fire resistant hydraulic fluids with self-extinguishing properties. PLAN-TOFLUX-AT-S  are  synthetic  fluids  formulated  with  organic  esters and  specifically  selected  additives. They  do  not contain  mineral  oils  and  are  free  from  toxic  and unpleasant  smelling  decomposition  products.
PLANTOFLUX-AT-S  have  a  higher  flash  and combustion  point  than  traditional,  mineral  oil-based
hydraulic oils and are specifically designed to reduce the risk of violent explosion when in contact with open
flames or hot metal surfaces.
The high viscosity index, constant at all time, provides good  lubrication  performance  in  an  extremely  wide
operating temperature range.
PLANTOFLUX-AT-S  offer  high  oxidation  and  ageing resistance,  excellent  corrosion  protection  and  anti-
wear  properties,  low  foaming  tendency,  rapid  water separation  and  consequently  reduction  of  water  and
oil sludge.

PLANTOFLUX-AT-S  are  primarily  used  as  fire resistant hydraulic fluids in machines or plants
perating  in  hazardous  conditions,  i.e.  where  naked flames or high temperatures are present and the fire
risk  caused  by  the  fluid  leakage  is  high,  most notably:  steel  mills,  blast  furnaces,  continuous
casting machine, coke plants, etc.
PLANTOFLUX-AT-S are generally applicable in any hydraulic  systems  where  environmental  protection
and biodegradability are a priority.
PLANTOFLUX-AT-S  are  miscible  and  compatible with conventional mineral oils, therefore a change to
PLANTOFLUX-AT-S is possible at any time. Please contact  our  Technical  Assistance.  The  compatibility
with  Nitrile,  Teflon,  Viton  and  Silicon  elastomers  is good,  whereas  the  use  of  Neoprene,  Ethylene-
propylene,  Butyl  and  Isoprene  seals  and  hoses  is not commonly recommended.

•  Rapidly biodegradable (> 90% in 14 days, CEC-L-33-A-93, > 60% according to OECD 301B)
•  Non-toxic, physiologically harmless, free of heavy metals
•  Excellent EP-/AW-properties, excellent wear protection (Vickers 1000 h Test “no wear”)
•  Excellent resistance to ageing and oxidation
•  Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics, high natural viscosity index, shear-stable (VI > 180)
•  Rapid air release, low foaming
•  Excellent corrosion protection
•  Factory Mutual Research approved (listed in Group 1 of the Approval Guide, type HFDU)


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