Fuchs Ecocut HFN 16 LE


Fuchs Ecocut HFN 16 LE is a a metalworking oil.




ECOCUT HFN 16 LE contains highly-raffinated base oils and was designed as oil for cutting operations with the bonus of being rationalisation products for hydraulic systems or for general lubrication. ECOCUT HFN 16 LE contains substances to improve oxidation stability and corrosion protection. The inclusion of EP additives improve load bearing capacity and reduce wear between tool and workpiece. ECOCUT HFN 16 LE is formulated to have low misting and low evaporation properties, it contribute towards reducing environmental and workshop pollution. ECOCUT HFN 16 LE meets the requirements and specifications in accordance with the BGI 719 (Germany), thus leading to a reduction of fire hazard.




ECOCUT HFN 16 LE is recommended for normal to difficult machining and grinding operations on steel, cast iron and yellow metals.

Especially recommended application is grinding cam- and crankshafts with CBN wheels.


Special Application


ECOCUT HFN 16 LE is especially suitable for the machining of magnesium and its alloys. This is confirmed in the MADICA research project.




• low foaming
• good washing effect keep machines clean
• reduce consumption because low-misting and low evaporation
• reduce workshop pollution
• increase tool life
• provide consistent grinding performance
• good filterability
• free of chlorine and zinc
• tried and tested formulation in wide areas of application
• free of chlorine, zinc and heavy metals
• available throughout the world



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