Elaskon Steinschlagschutz


Elaskon Steinschlagschutz schwarz is an under-floor protection for use in cars, trucks and buses.




Elaskon Steinschlagschutz schwarz is a synthetic floor covering based on synthetic resins and rubber. Fast drying. The product is strongly thixotrope, has a good adhesion and can be overpainted with the commercially available lacquer systems. After application a closed and elastic film with a lot of structure and with excellent protection against corrosion and corrosion is formed.


Processing instructions:


Elaskon Steinschlagschutz black can be used with any UBC pistol. The optimum processing air pressure is 3-5 bar. The substrate must be clean, rust-free and dry. The can should be shaken well before use. For coating with synthetic resin lacquers, the coating film must be complete with 2K and nitro lacquers be solidified. Spray thinly in the case of nitro- and 2-component paints and spray after sufficient evaporation time.

The product is removable with solvents such as test benzine, xylene, cold cleaner etc. Application to sand surfaces cleaned by sandblasting without the application of adhesion improvers.


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