Elaskon Multi-Schaumreiniger


Elaskon Multi-Schaumreiniger Is for cleaning all glass surfaces and as insect solver for windshields.


Processing instructions:


Scope of application:

a) In the household: For cleaning glass, windows (including the frames), tiles, tiles, enamels, resopal surfaces, toilets, stainless steel flush and sanitary fittings u.v.a.a.a.m.
b) In the motor vehicle sector: for cleaning glass surfaces, upholstery, dashboard and instruments. Effectively removes nicotine, grease and softener residues.
c) In the office: To clean screens.

Do not lubricate, do not stick, dry without streaks.

Application Notes:


Spray surfaces from approx. 20-30 cm thin. The fine-bubble foam also adheres to vertical surfaces and ensures a good cleaning effect. By dissolving the grease and dirt film, the foam breaks and the surface can be blanked with a soft cloth or a paper napkin. Store can protected from frost below – 10 ° C!


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