Divinol B Premium

Divinol B Premium Is a high-quality release agent.

Product description

• semi-synthetic, non-water-miscible multi-purpose release agent
• solvent-free
• odour-neutral
• environment friendly, formulated on the basis of easily biodegradable base oils
• no discoloration of the concrete surface
• very economical in use at advanced seperation effect


Biologically easy degredable – OECD test 301 c.


Divinol B Premium can be used for all common types of formwork in concrete factories and in the building
construction: for less or non-absorbent formwork (phenlo resin formwork) as well as formwork made of plastic
material (polypropylene).

If used properly, Divinol B Premium does not allow direct contact of the formwork with the concrete surface.
Thus, damages to the surface of the concrete can be prevented and reworking can be avoided. The life-time
of the formwork will be extended and therefore the profitability in general. Moreover, an environmental hazard
is excluded.

If used properly, Divinol B Premium does not influence negatively the subsequent treatment of the concrete
surface (plastering, ceramics, wallpaper, paint).

Use on heated formworks is possible.


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