CASTROL Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9


Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9 Is an HC synthesis Low SAPS engine oil

Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9 Helps maximise performance




Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9 is a full synthetic Low SAPS engine oil formulated with unique System 5
Technology™ delivering up to 40% better performance1 in the latest European diesel engines including Euro VI and
engines fitted with DPF. It also gave up to 1% fuel saving2 in a Euro V engine using the European Transient Cycle test when compared to a modern top tier 15W-40 engine oil.


Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9 is designed for better fuel economy in the latest Euro VI diesel engines. It is also suitable for extended service intervals as recommended by many European engine manufacturers, including
Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo, and is approved for use in MAN Euro VI engines. It can be used in low emission Euro IV & Euro V European trucks and buses, especially those requiring a low SAPS lubricant and in older on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment that require this performance level.




Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 E6/E9 with unique System 5 Technology™ adapts to changing engine conditions and fights to help maximise performance in five key areas: fuel consumption, oil consumption, oil drain interval, component life and power. It also:


– Delivers real world fuel savings without compromising engine protection.
– Fights wear to critical engine components even at low viscosity.
– Fights piston deposits helping to reduce oil consumption.
– Fights harmful acids which form during engine operation.
– Maintains the efficiency of exhaust after-treatment systems ensuring continued compliance with emissions legislation.


Product Performance Claims


  • ACEA E6, E7, E9
  • API CJ-4
  • JASO DH-2
  • CAT ECF-3
  • Cummins CES 20081
  • Deutz DQC IV-10LA
  • Mack EO-M Plus, EO-O Premium Plus
  • MAN M 3271-1, M 3477 M 3677
  • MB-Approval 228.31/ 228.51
  • MTU Oil Category 3.1
  • RVI RLD-3
  • Scania Low Ash
  • Volvo CNG, VDS 4
  • For Iveco trucks requiring ACEA E6, E7, E9
  • Meets DAF PX Euro VI requirements





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