Castrol Transmax Z


Castrol Transmax Z is an Automatic Transmission Fluid




Castrol Transmax Z is a high quality full synthetic transmission fluid. It is particularly recommended for use in automatic and semi automatic transmissions used in buses and coaches. It may also be used in manual transmissions. As such it is recommended for fleets employing a mixture of Voith, Renk, ZF, Allison and MB transmissions alongside the Leyland Pneumocyclic and Hydracyclic units. Extended oil drain [120.000 km] in ZF Ecomat, MB AT and Voith AT



Castrol Transmax Z has proved most suitable in severe service applications where high temperatures have reduced transmission life. It has been shown to reduce automatic transmission fluids temperatures by up to 20˚C in severe duty applications.


Typical applications include:


  • Heavy duty automatic transmissions with integral retarders
  • Transmissions of vehicles used for towing
  • Transmission retarders
  • Racing applications
  • Long drain applications
  • Ford A4 LD transmissions in taxis and transit vans.

Particularly recommended for use in automatic and semi-automatic transmissions used in buses and coaches.

Recommended for power steering systems and manual transmission systems where DEXRON III or II fluids are specified. Very successfully used in drag racing applications in Australia, in Powerglide to Lenco transmissions, for Super Street to Top Alcohol competitors.

Extended drain intervals in heavy duty automatic transmissions

  • City and Suburban service 100,000km or 2 years
  • On-Highway 300,000km or 2 years
    For long drain oil applications, Castrol Labcheck or other oil and wear metal monitoring is required to ensure optimum performance and durability.




  • Excellent resistance to oxidation prolonging the life of the lubricant, offers extended drain potential and lowers operating costs.
  • Enhanced protection against deposits extends transmission life.
  • Temperature reduction in severe service improves transmission and oil service life and helps reduce fuel
    consumption and emissions
  • Optimised frictional characteristics providing smoother gear changes and protects against wear
  • Outstanding cold flow properties giving high protection to transmission especially at start-up


Product Performance Claims


  • MAN 339 Z3, V2
  • MB-Approval 236.81
  • Voith H55.6336.xx
  • VW 501 60
  • ZF TE-ML 04D, 11B, 14C, 16M, 20C
  • Recommended by Nissan where Matic Fluid D is required


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