CASTROL Spheerol EPLX 200-2


Is a Multi-purpose grease


High Performance Lithium Complex Grease




Spheerol™ EPLX 200-2 is a multi-purpose high-performance greases based on mineral oil and a lithium-complex
soap. It is formulated to provide excellent high-temperature lubrication performance.
It possesses EP load-carrying properties and contain additives selected to enhance oxidation, corrosion and wear




Spheerol EPLX 200-2 grease is formulated for use in grease-lubricated plain or rolling bearings operating at
temperatures from -20 to 150 °C.

It may also be used for short periods at temperatures of up to 180 °C in bearings designed to operate under such
conditions. In such cases, the frequency of re-lubrication should be increased; operators should contact equipment
manufacturers for guidance.

Examples of applications include various types of general industrial machinery, electric motors and machine tools, as well as applications involving higher temperatures – such as papermaking machinery or bearings of ventilation
machinery and oven fans. Spheerol EPLX 200-2 grease is also suited for bearing lubrication under highly loaded andvibratory conditions – such as in steel mills, railway axle-boxes and construction equipment. The long service-life potential of the Spheerol EPLX 200-2 grease at temperatures over 100 °C makes it ideally suited to machines in which poor accessibility makes frequent regreasing difficult




  • High operating temperature capability
  • Suitable for highly loaded and vibratory working conditions
  • Maximum equipment protection
  • Long service life
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Very adhesive to surfaces





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