Castrol Spheerol CL 2




General Purpose Calcium Greases



The Castrol Spheerol CL Range represents a range of high quality lubricating greases developed for both automotive & industrial markets using an optimised combination of mineral oils, calcium thickener technology and specially selected additives.


The Castrol Spheerol CL grease range is based on calcium thickener technology imparting excellent levels of natural
water resistance, thus enabling their use in a variety of applications where exposure to moisture may be relatively high and operating temperatures are not likely to exceed those specified.

Castrol Spheerol CL 1 is primarily recommended for chassis lubrication and benefits from the inclusion of a polymer and a high base oil viscosity to enable greater resistance to the washing action of water in swivels and shackles where operating temperatures do not exceed 60°C.

Castrol Spheerol CL 2 is considered suitable for the lubrication of light to medium duty plain and rolling element bearings in applications where water ingress may be prevalent such as trailers or boat launching trolleys and where operating temperatures do not exceed 60°C.

Castrol Spheerol CL 3 is suitable for light duty applications where the stiffer consistency may enhance resistance to the combination of water ingress and excessive vibration where operating temperatures do not exceed 60°C.



Excellent levels of natural water resistance ensures extended relubrication intervals in those applications where
the potential for water ingress may be high.
Good corrosion protection enhances component life, thereby reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance.





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