Castrol Performance Bio HE 32 TG


Castrol Performance Bio HE 32 TG Is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Castrol Performance Bio HE 32 TG is a Biodegradable hydraulic oil




Castrol Performance™ Bio HE 32 TG (previously called Castrol Carelube™ HTG 32) is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid formulated using vegetable ester oil and additives to prevent corrosion, wear and oxidation.



Performance Bio HE 32 TG is recommended for use where leakage or spillage may present a risk of harm to the environment or in environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways, agriculture, forestry, and mining and construction industries. It can also be used in metalworking applications where excellent lubricity is necessary such as in cutting and deformation processes especially for steel and non ferrous materials. Performance Bio HE 32 TG is miscible with conventional mineral oilbased fluids but in order to maximise the performance benefits of these products it is recommended to minimise residues of other lubricants in the lubrication system through draining or flushing. Performance Bio HE 32 TG is classified as meeting the requirements of ISO 6743/4 – HETG and DIN 51524 Part 4
specifications. It also demonstrates superior biodegradation performance in accordance with the CEC-L-33-A-93 and OECD 301B test methods.



  • Extremely high viscosity index (VI) & excellent thermal stability ensures lubrication and protection over a wide temperature range.
  • Rapidly biodegradable ensures accidental leaks or spills have a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Excellent lubricity, anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics prolongs machine life and reduces maintenance
  • Naturally good shear stability and a longer service life compared with other vegetable oil based hydraulic fluids.

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