Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner


Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner Is a a concentrate cleaning




Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner is a concentrate cleaning detergent developed and tested specifically for modern motorbikes. Greentec Bike Cleaner has been developed in order to ensure fast and effective cleaning against the most resistant dirt, along with superior compatibility with a wide range of materials including metals and light alloys, plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces.




Spray cleaner on the dirt to be removed. Allow to affect for one to three minutes. Additionally use sponge or brush, if necessary. Subsequently rinse thoroughly with water to remove dissolved dirt and cleaner. Advantageously use hose or high pressure washer. Follow directions and recommendations of bike manufacturer. Finally dry bike with chamois. When using a high-pressure washer, do not exceed water temperature of 30°C and pressure higher than 60 bar. Do not apply Bike Cleaner in bright sunshine or on hot components. Do not leave the concentrate fluid on surfaces for longer than five minutes. Always rinse thoroughly. Try first on a small surface. Treat oil-contaminated waste water with oil separator.




  • Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner ensure fast and effective cleaning against the most resistant dirt.
  • Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner has been tested by a leading independent laboratory using a severe material compatibility test method.
  • Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner has shown superior material compatibility when compared with leading competitors, and showed no negative effect with any of the materials tested.


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