Castrol Fork Oil 10W


Castrol Fork Oil 10W Is a mineral based suspension fluid


Suspension Fluid




Castrol Fork Oils are highly stable suspension oils, recommended for use in motorcycle forks and shocks for road, off road and competition use. They are blended from highly refined base stocks and contain selected additives to provide protection against wear, corrosion and to minimise the effect of foam or air entrainment in the fork.




Castrol Fork Oils are recommended by Castrol for all motorcycle forks.
It should be noted that whilst Castrol recommend the use of their fork oils for the majority of
motorcycles, always ensure the correct fork oil (as specified by the motorcycle manufacturer or
Dealer) is used by referring to the motorcycle operators manual/handbook or the Castrol Lubrication
Reference Guide.


  • Prolongs seal life by resisting premature hardening and glazing, ensuring efficient fork operation.
  • Stays in grade, maintaining consistent fork operation over a wide temperature range.
  • Can be mixed with other Castrol Fork Oil grades to obtain intermediate grades.
  • Helps minimise rust and corrosion.
  • Suppresses foam to ensure efficient damping operation.
  • Available in graduated one litre packs to allow the correct amount of fluid to be added to the forks.
    These graduated packs are useful when mixing the fluids to attain intermediate viscosity fork oils.
  • Available in three grades: Castrol Fork Oil 5
    Castrol Fork Oil 10
    Castrol Fork Oil 15

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