Castrol Duratec XPL


Castrol Duratec XPL is a Gas Engine Lubricant



Castrol Duratec™ XPL is a full synthetic zinc and phosphorus free SAE 40 low ash premium performance gas engine lubricant.



Duratec XPL is for use in spark ignited highly rated gas engines operating at high loads and high temperature where a low ash formulation is specified and where the gas is largely free from aggressive components i.e. hydrogen sulphide and halogens.

This full synthetic formulation has shown significantly longer oil drain intervals when compared to mineral based formulations, often lasting three, and as much as six times as long before reaching the usual oil condemning limits. The viscosity is also equivalent to an SAE 20W/40 multigrade, promoting easier starting and efficient lubrication at low temperatures with optimum protection at high temperatures.
Duratec XPL is approved by:

  • Deutz
  • MDE


  • Exceptional thermal and oxidative stability provides reliable operation and extended operating life when compared to mineral oil based products.
  • Exceptional antiwear characteristics provide outstanding protection against piston and cylinder wear and scuffing.
  • Reduces ash deposition & maintains engine cleanliness.
  • Provides good resistance to acid corrosion.

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