Castrol Duratec MX


Castrol Duratec MX is a Gas Engine Lubricant



Castrol Duratec MX is a mineral based zinc and phosphorus free SAE 40 medium ash gas engine lubricant.




Duratec MX is for use in both spark ignition and dual-fuel gas engines. It is formulated specifically for use in four stroke medium and high speed engines running on aggressive landfill and sour gas fuels. The medium ash additive system provides protection against valve recession whilst still maintaining combustion space and turbocharger cleanliness.

Duratec MX provides a high degree of engine protection against corrosion and wear which can result from the high concentrations of halogens and hydrogen sulphide frequently encountered in such applications.

Duratec MX is approved by:

  • Jenbacher – Series 2 & 3 gas engines: Landfill gas, digester gas, sewage gas applications (TA1000- 1105 and TA 1000-0125).
  • Deutz – Landfill gas, digester gas, sewage gas applications.
  • Man Nutzfahrzeuge AG – Natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas applications.
  • Guascor




  • High resistance to oxidation and nitration which can lead to longer oil life and extended drain intervals. This can help reduce maintenance costs and down time.
  • Efficient neutralisation of acidic combustion products from landfill gases provides good resistance to acid corrosion leading to long service life in aggressive fuel gas applications.
  • Low combustion space and turbocharger deposits


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