Castrol Duratec L


Castrol Duratec L is a Gas Engine Lubricant



Castrol Duratec L is a monograde gas engine lubricant that provides excellent thermal and oxidative stability to reduce combustion chamber deposits and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Duratec L is formulated primarily for spark ignition natural gas engines where the gas is largely free from aggressive components such as hydrogen sulphide and chlorine or flourine compounds. Duratec L has been specifically developed to reduce deposit formation, and improve oxidation characteristics whilst offering excellent corrosion control and base number retention.

Features and Benefits

Castrol Duratec L is available globally and combines excellent thermal and oxidative stability, and balanced additive system in Offshore operations to provide the following key benefits:

Improved engine life through reduced component wear.
Lower operating costs through increased drain intervals.
Significantly reduced maintenance costs through a decrease in combustion chamber deposits and enhanced engine cleanliness.


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