Castrol Chain Lube Racing


Castrol Chain Lube Racing is a Chain Lubricant


Motorcycle Chain Care


Castrol Chain Lube Racing is the new spray lubricant developed and tested for high performance and racing applicatons. It allows huge reduction of friction, encreasing performances and chain durability, even during demanding driving.



Castrol Chain Lube racing is suitable for use on sealed and unsealed chains fitted on both on- and off-road bikes. For further detail see the Product Performance Claim section of this sheet.
To maximise the performance of Castrol Chain Lube Racing, clean the chain with Castrol Chain Cleaner before gently applying the chain spray. Once the lubricant has been applied, wait, depending on the outside temperature, for 10-20 minutes, to let solvent evaporate before using the motorcycle.


  • Forms a long lasting, dry-type semi transparent lubricating film with outstanding resistance to high speed fling and water wash-off.
  • Special anti-wear technology ensures minimal chain elongation and sprocket wear under high load and speed operation.
  • Low friction coating on all chain components reduces operating temperature extending chain’s useful life.
  • Offers superior protection from metal corrosion resulting from humidity and salt.

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