Use: Lubricating grease for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings and other machine elements up to the specified temperature, in particular for loss lubrication points, where excess and displaced grease into the ground, sewage system or Into water bodies. Not suitable for the lubrication of fast-running, rarely lubricated bearings (eg wheel bearings)! At higher temperatures, the regreting intervals must be shortened. Because of the native base oil base, storage capacity is naturally limited. Keep container tightly closed, dry and store at room temperature. Description: Biologically easily degradable, special-calcium saponified grease based on native base oils with good corrosion protection properties. AVIA BIOGREASE 2 adheres well, is walk stable and water resistant. Marking / qualification: Grease grease KE 2 E-20 according to DIN 51 502 ISO-L-XBAEA 2 acc. ISO 6743-9


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