Aral Vitam DE 46


Aral Vitam DE 46 is a zinc-free HLP-D hydraulic oil with very good wear protection




The use of Aral Vitam DE 46 gives an increased service life and optimizes the functional safety of the hydraulics. This zinc free HLP-D type hydraulic fluid with detergent/ dispersant properties has the following advantages over conventional hydraulic oils: Through the continuous cleansing of impurities, deposits and residue in the system are avoided, which could cause a malfunction of control elements. Through this oil’s absorption of humidity, corrosioning is avoided. It also decreases wear in areas with boundary lubrication and its polar additives suppress “stick-slip” movements.


Operational area:


  • Aral Vitam DE 46 fundamentally suited for all kinds of hydraulics, particularly in unfavorable operating conditions (e.g. frequent temperature changes, humidity as well as impurities through emulsion, dust and other foreign elements) or when the danger of excessive vibrations exists (e.g. in construction equipment, machine tools and slow motion hydraulics).
  • Aral Vitam DE 46 has a very good absorption of humidity, optimal corrosion prevention, dependable wearing protection and an outstanding ageing stability. In addition it disposes of anti-redeposition power, cleansing properties, reduction the stick-slip (Stick-Slip-Effect) and is free from zink compounds.



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