AGIP PRECIS HLP-D 22 Is a detergent hydraulic oil based on mineral oil with zinc-free additive package against corrosion, oil aging and wear.   Quality features: Agip PRECIS HLP-D – hydraulic oils are equipped with high-grade solvent raffinates with special active ingredients. Polar additives add considerably better lubricating properties to this pressurized fluid than standard lubricating oils. Detergent hydraulic oils have a greater wetting and cleaning effect than conventional hydraulic oils. The pronounced wear protection, the high aging stability, the optimally adjusted air separation capacity and the excellent corrosion protection are some of the outstanding properties. A particular feature of these hydraulic oils is the ability to absorb moisture without endangering corrosion protection. Larger amounts of water Are separated in a controlled manner. Applications: Agip PRECIS HLP-D – Hydraulic oils are suitable for hydraulic systems and generators whose manufacturers require HL, HLP or HLP-D oils. They can be used in hydraulic drives, in stepless or hydrostatic transmissions and manual transmissions, as well as in electropneumatic couplings. Furthermore, these hydraulic oils are excellently suited for use in precision hydraulics, machine tool controls and hydraulic presses of high performance due to their high pressure absorption capacity. Wherever plant parts are endangered by moisture deposits or adhesions – For example, in hydraulic systems or on trays of machine tools and in the supply of compressed air tools – these products have proved their worth. When choosing a product, the manufacturer’s instructions must be observed. specifications: DIN 51 524 HLP-D


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