Is a biologically quickly degradable hydraulic fluid based on synthetic ester for all hydraulic systems.

Quality features:

Agip ARNICA S oils are environmentally compatible hydraulic fluids based on selected ester base oils which have been formulated with a zinc-free additive system and are almost completely degraded by the MITI method in 29 days. In order to ensure universal use, the performance of the mineral HLP oils was taken as a basis and supplemented by the favorable viscosity position and the high viscosity index.

In order to protect the pumps effectively against cavitation and to ensure a high operating safety, good air separation capacity, in addition to the other properties such as wear and corrosion protection, aging resistance,
Elastomer compatibility and high temperature stability.

Agip ARNICA S oils have very good fire resistance and thus reduce the possibility of ignition by potential sources of fire, as demonstrated in the FACTORY MUTUAL STANDARD Spray Flame Test. Agip ARNICA S oils are miscible with mineral oil and are thus ideally suited for the conversion of equipment in compliance with the conversion guidelines. Disposal can be carried out according to the law according to waste code 13 01 12 as waste oil, the collection and storage must be separated
Be made.


Agip ARNICA S oils are highly versatile hydraulic fluids with a high operating temperature range, high viscosity index and good lubrication properties. Its field of application includes, on the one hand, mobile hydraulics, work hydraulics, hydraulic
Drive drives to control hydraulics, where the risk of product leakage into the environment can occur, on the other hand, as HFDU fluids in hydraulic systems, in which there is a potential fire hazard due to the presence of high-temperature materials. Their range of application is therefore significantly greater than that of conventional bio-oils. When choosing a product, the manufacturer’s instructions must be observed.




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