1. FCA (free carrier)

After purchase, the goods are delivered to your/our forwarding agent free of charge, or their respective warehouse e.g. port of Hamburg or Munich airport.
After customs clearance, your/our forwarding agent will load the goods on board in order to transport them to the destination or target country.

The goods are to be received by the customer at the point of destination. We shall not assume any liability for warehousing costs, or any other expenses that may arise at the point of destination.

All import duties or other handling fees that may arise at the point of destination shall be borne by the customer without exception.

All costs of transport packaging and documentation such as customs clearance in Germany shall be borne by the customer. The forwarding agent’s costs for the preparation of the EAD (export accompanying document) usually amounts to, and should not exceed € 45.00 to € 90.00.

2. CO and CA (certificate of origin and analysis)

If you require any or both of these documents, you must notify us at the time of ordering, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain this document in retrospect.

CO (certificate of origin)

We will arrange issuance of the CO (certificate of origin) with the competent Chamber of Commerce (IHK). This means extra work for us, which is within the scope of approx. half a working day for one of our employees. It involves an approx. 80km return drive. If you absolutely need this document, additional costs of € 150.00 are to be expected, which will be invoiced to you.

If you have ordered a CO (certificate of origin), we will forward the original document to your country through DHL. This service incurs a shipping fee of € 100.00. Delivery to IRAN is currently not feasible.

CA (certificate of analysis)

The certificate of analysis can usually be obtained from us or any manufacturer free of charge, with the exception of the company Fuchs. The company Fuchs principally does not issue certificates of analysis. Please note again that a certificate of analysis must be requested at the time of ordering. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain this document in retrospect. In principle, manufacturers are not liable to issue such certificates. However, to this date we have always been able to obtain this certificate.

Certification of invoices

The certification of invoices is a rare occurrence, however, it can be requested at the time of ordering. The Chamber of Commerce (IHK), however, does not certify invoices for all countries. This service incurs a fee of € 25.00.

Local pick-up

Local pick-up by your own forwarding agent can usually be arranged, however, this should be discussed with us at the time of ordering. We will liaise with your forwarding agent on your behalf.

Self-arranged parcel services such as FedEx, TNT, UPS or others are not permitted, because they are not able to issue the necessary customs documentation. However, we do require the customs documentation for net exports from the European Union.

You will principally receive the relevant accompanying documents from us, such as Air Way Bill or other necessary documents so that you do not have to do anything until your goods arrive.

We will automatically keep you up-to-date at all times.

Please always clarify any questions before ordering.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.





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